Privacy Policy

Our Approach to the Protection of Personal Information

The mission of Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd., ("the Company") is to provide comprehensive intellectual services to create the value our clients expect and strive for customer satisfaction, contributing to the safe and prosperous livelihoods of people around the world.
In order to carry out this mission, at Oriental Consultants, we handle various kinds of information regarding the economy, people's lifestyle and movement of traffic and people in various local communities; and sometimes we might come into contact with information that can identify individuals, such as names and addresses ("personal information").
The Company considers the appropriate use and protection of such personal information to be not only our social responsibility but also the basis for the fulfillment of our management vision: in order to ensure that personal information is handled in an appropriate manner, all executives and employees at the Company are obliged to adhere fully to the following Personal Information Protection Policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy

As an enterprise that provides comprehensive intellectual services relating to all aspects of social infrastructure development, Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd., ("the Company") is well aware that it is our social responsibility to protect personal information and implement security measures.
A Personal Information Protection Policy has been established as follows within the Company, and in order to ensure its proper implementation and maintenance, we work to make the policy known to and strictly adhered to by all executives and employees.

(1) Gathering, use and provision of personal information

In accordance with laws and ordinances, national guidelines and other norms regarding the use of numbers, etc., to identify specific individuals in legal and administrative proceedings concerning the protection of personal information, to the extent necessary for the execution of our business (general construction consulting services in traffic, civil engineering, social infrastructure development, etc.) and for the employment management of executives and employees, the Company gathers and uses personal information by lawful and fair means, clarifying the purpose for which the personal information is to be used.
Except with the consent of the individual, or when permitted by law, the personal information gathered by the Company will not be made available to any third party.

(2) Personal information security measures

In order to ensure the accuracy of personal information, to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information, and to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, the Company has in place information security measures and implements them without fail.
Also, when the processing of personal information is to be entrusted to any of the Company's affiliated companies or partners, following rigorous vetting of such a contractor, the personal information is carefully managed to ensure that it is properly protected.

(3) Compliance with laws and regulations

In the handling of personal information, the Company complies with laws and regulations, guidelines established by the national government and other norms applicable to the protection of such personal information. In addition, the Company brings its internal Company Regulations into conformity with such laws and norms.

(4) Development and continuous improvement of its Compliance Program

The Company has in place internal regulations to ensure that all executives and employees recognize the importance of the protection of personal information, and that they use and protect such information appropriately. The Company also continuously reviews these regulations and works to improve them.

(5) Response to complaints and consultations

The Company responds promptly and in good faith to requests for the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, etc., of an individual’s own personal information, as well as to complaints, concerns, or enquiries regarding the handling of personal information. Enquiries relating to personal information may be directed to the address given below.

Please address enquiries regarding personal information to: