Watershed Management and Conservation

Erosion Control

Using cutting-edge technologies to support disaster prevention management for sediment-related and volcanic disasters

In our erosion control projects, we consider the surrounding environment in implementing structural and non-structural (“soft and hard”) measures to keep residents safe from sediment-related disasters. For facility development, in addition to planning and design that take into account durability, maintainability, appearance, and environmental impact, we are also working on extending facility service life.

Response to the 2018 heavy rainfall and flooding in Western Japan

To counter the debris flow caused by heavy rainfall in Western Japan in July 2018, we planned a permeable check dam. An existing structure already in place downstream of the planned dam was used as a secondary levee.

Hiranosawa erosion control dam

The Hiranosawa Dam is an impermeable erosion control dam built for the purpose of preventing ash fall runoff from an eruption of Mt. Iwate. The dam is remarkable for its great length, 173 m, and for the fact that it was built using the LUC-SB method (erosion control anti-erosion soil cement)