Regional Development


Orchestrating the revitalization of regions and promotion of local industries by focusing on unique local tourism resources, history, and culture

We are also actively engaged in a number of tourism-related projects, including the promotion of universal tourism to create an environment in which anyone can travel safely and comfortably. Our tourism planning process includes market research, participatory workshops, tourism promotion, and F/S (feasibility studies). Additionally, we offer support with developing community-based tours and improving the environment for receiving overseas tourists.

Environment-friendly tourism in Okinawa

When the natural environment is positioned as a tourism resource, maintaining a balance between the use of the environment and its preservation becomes an important issue. In Okinawa Prefecture, we work together with the local community in promoting initiatives in ecotourism (tourism that makes good use of the natural environment). Among these activities, we supported the creation and implementation of rules for protecting the environment, conducted monitoring, organized workshops aimed at improving skills in welcoming tourists, and offered promotion support.

A barrier-free training program for public transport operators

In order to create an environment in which the elderly, the disabled, expectant mothers, and families with children can travel easily and go out comfortably, we plan and implement training programs for disabled participants in Metropolitan Tokyo, Kansai, and elsewhere, based on barrier-free education programs for public transport operators. In addition to this, we are offering support with training for instructors who have disabilities themselves and organizations of persons with disabilities.