Regional Development

Scenery and Landscape / History and Culture

Aiming for harmony and integration with the natural environment through symbolic design

In order to carefully protect and nurture the regional natural environment, history, and culture and pass them on to future generations, we are engaged in design of structures and landscapes, including city planning that enhances the local scenery. And to pass on our history to posterity, we are also working on the preservation and utilization of our civil engineering heritage.

Heijokyu Izanai-kan Guidance Center (Visitor Center)

The Heijokyu Izanai-kan Guidance Center (visitor center) is located in the Suzaku-mon Square, a sightseeing area centered on Suzaku Avenue (the central avenue leading to the Imperial Palace), within the government-run Nara Palace Site Historical Park. In this joint venture, we were responsible for the conceptualization, planning, design, site supervision, and basic design for displays. (Opened in March 2018)

Nagasaki Matsugae International Cruise Ship Terminal

We undertook the planning, design, and artistic design supervision of this next-generation terminal, conceptualized as a “welcoming verdant park on a hill.” We were charged with the task of enhancing its function as an international gateway, shaping the landscape, and improving accessibility. (Awarded the Good Design Award in 2011 and the Civil Engineering Design Prize in 2013)