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Information Security Policy

Considering the protection of information security to be one of the social responsibilities of an independent consultant company in strict compliance with ethics and the law, and in order to earn the deep trust of society, the Company continues to give priority to information security. We, therefore, express our determination to carry out the following matters without fail.

(1) The Company has in place its Information Security Policy on the basis of which the Company's Information Security Management System is implemented above the standard widely recognized in society and works proactively on rigorous application of the Information Security Management System and continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
(2) In order to expressly ensure information security, the Company appoints an Information Security Officer, establishes an Information Security Committee, and constructs and operates under an internal organizational structure to ensure such information security.
(3) Participation in the maintenance of information security is one of the fundamental responsibilities of all employees of the Company. To ensure that the Information Security Policy is understood and followed fully by all employees, the Company proactively carries out educational activities and training. In addition, any behavior not in compliance with the Information Security Policy will be met with a stern response of the organization and the appropriate penalties will be imposed.
(4) As the foundation of the Information Security Management System, the Company manages clients' information assets, personal information, employees' personal information, etc., in addition its own information assets, classified as prescribed separately, appropriately in accordance with their importance.
(5) In order to comply with the Information Security Policy and for the continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System, the Company, as part of its regular management review, continuously assesses its Information Security Management System, while also confirming the level of awareness of the Information Security Policy and its operational status.
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